Looking For Proper Health Services For Your Loved Ones? You Are In The Right Place

Looking For Proper Health Services For Your Loved Ones? You Are In The Right Place

Looking For Proper Health Services For Your Loved Ones? You Are In The Right Place

The joy of passing on legacies, traditions, and memories of bygone years comes with long life expectancy. We aspire to provide services for older adults to celebrate the gratitude of aging and maintain an active lifestyle.

You want to provide the best care service when looking to take care of a beloved relative. Making the choices that are best for the requirements may create a challenge because what is best for one person may not be ideal for another.

When the chronic diseases that come with aging show up, elderly care is a significant choice for you. As individuals age, they may become dependent on aged care services. The suitability of people who provide patient care services in this manner is of high importance. People should pay attention to the caregivers’ experience level.

Elderly care is a job for people with high ethical values because as people get older, they may become irritable due to their illness. In such cases, caregivers should display a respectful and tolerant attitude toward the person in need of care. Ethical values are what we value most in our business.

In elderly care, we professionally provide many services. Our services include psychosocial support, and the happiness of our patients is very significant. Professional management leads us to control health, cleaning, and food. These are the main focuses that we want to highlight. You may have our 12/24 hour trained companion service at home and in the hospital.

It is impossible to emphasize the value of a support system for new parents and their carers. Why? Because newlyweds foster a more loving and healthy atmosphere for their children when they feel supported.

While giving baby and mother support to families, it is our happiness to accompany their smiling faces. We provide mother/baby care and education at home and in the hospital. Our baby nurses have a high level of experience that the newly born mother can practice consciously and correctly and minimize postpartum worries.

The first month after birth is considered the newborn period. And this period is difficult for your baby to adapt to the new process. During this period, baby care and postpartum services may be the biggest supporters of mothers. You may have anxiety about requiring experience in caring for your baby as a parent.

In this period of hormonal changes, adaptation to the role of motherhood, and a new experience, one may feel more emotionally sensitive, anxious, nervous, unhappy, or more excited and joyful. It’s significant to know that this process is temporary and very natural. You may overcome it easily by getting professional support when you need it. At this point, you can rely on our experienced hands reaching out to you, namely the nursing services offered within the scope of our mother-baby services.

We also provide premature baby care services to help the family to familiarizes with the transition process. We aim to support them in the home care of babies. We offer this service with our private nurses who have various experiences in neonatal intensive care units.

As IMA, we also provide post-operational support. Every person has a unique response to surgery. Before and after surgery, some people may feel a variety of feelings, including worry, fear, acceptance, relief, confidence, a sense of well-being, and sometimes even disappointment.

People with a stoma or an operation scar frequently experience depression because of their altered perception of their bodies, especially if the surgery was unexpected and performed as an emergency. Family members may be concerned during this time as well.

Sometimes after surgery, issues with confidence and body image might still exist. Psychological assistance should may available to people to aid in their adjustment to life’s changes. Through therapies, we work with trained rehabilitation specialists who work directly with patients to restore their physical capabilities, coordination, and balance.

All of the serious operations that require lengthy hospital stays, may leave patients with compromised social skills. Rehabilitation following surgery is quite helpful in helping patients restore their strength and reintegrate into daily life. Additionally, it is essential for managing pain and coordinating care in a sanitary setting which is not achievable at home.

One of the most crucial daily tasks is bathing. For those with restricted mobility, it may be cruelly challenging and dangerous. Many elderly persons cannot bathe because of health issues.

It’s crucial to bathe your loved one frequently to maintain good skin. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to check for sores or rashes and can help prevent infections. Your loved one will feel more clean and fresh after a bath.

Inquiring about what else you can do to improve your loved one’s comfort is highly important. Talking about the value of taking a bath for people’s energy levels and sensation of cleanliness as well as their physical health and skin integrity is an essential point. We give these empathic actions while giving our service.

Depending on how well your loved one can move, you may need to assist them with taking a bath. You could be taking care of someone who, while recovering from an illness or surgery, temporarily struggles to take care of themselves.

For our patients who are bedridden and require routine cleaning inside the city limits of Ankara, Ima Patient Attendant Services has begun a home patient washing service. A social support professional with expertise in his specialty offers our service.

Care for bedridden patients is crucial to preventing the onset of various problems, managing existing disorders, and fostering happiness and confidence in the patient. Because of this, caregivers must be skilled in providing care, acting responsibly, and exercising caution.

Priority should be given to patient safety while ensuring bedridden patients with restroom care. Our staff is capable of giving care while still being responsible and cautious.

There are several ways for our carers to improve your loved ones’ bed baths. We may aid hygiene, well-being, and the ability to feel refreshed by employing a predetermined procedure and the right materials.

People, in our opinion, are the most crucial component of our company. With each and every customer, we aim to provide excellent customer service. People are the most significant component of our company. With every customer, we aim to provide excellent customer service.