Ima Patient Attendant Services has started home patient washing service for our patients who are bedridden and need regular washing within the borders of Ankara.

Our service is provided by a social support specialist who is specialized in his field.

In Which Diseases Is In-Bed Bathing?

  • Bedridden patients
  • Patients with paralysis in any part of their body
  • Patients who continue to be treated in bed after risky surgeries
  • Senile
  • Patients with severe infections
  • Other different diseases
  • Bed-bound Patient / Body Bath

The care of bedridden patients is extra important in order to prevent the development of different complications as well as the existing diseases of the person and to make the person feel happy and self-confident. For this reason, caregivers need to master the care processes, act consciously and take care. Patient Safety should be provided first in the bathroom care of bed-bound patients.

Before the bath care of bedridden patients, all the materials related to the bathroom should be prepared in a fixed place next to the bed.

Whole body cleaning/bath of bedridden patients should be planned at least once a week. If there is a catheter in the patient, attention should be paid to the replacement times and cleaning should be done. If the patient is diapered, toilet cleaning should be done every day with clean soapy water, paying attention to hygiene. Before starting the bath, a waterproof cover / patient diaper is laid under the patient’s bed. The patient is also covered so that he does not get cold. It is ensured that the room temperature is 24° on average. If there are treatment applications such as serum and oxygen attached to the patient, they are closed for a while. If the patient has a catheter, it is covered with a cloth to prevent it from getting wet.

Patient wash-beds; It offers patients the opportunity to take a full bath thanks to its tub-shaped shape, its borders and its drainage hose.

After the patient wash-bed is placed under the patient, it is inflated and takes the form of a tub. The patient is washed and rinsed as in normal bathroom conditions.

Wet bed is prevented, as all the waste water is adjusted directly to the bucket or to the discharge area according to the hose length, thanks to the tub’s own hose. When all the water is drained after the bath, the air is removed from the tub and the tub is taken from under the patient. The patient’s body care is completed with oils and lotions. When the baths of the bedridden patients are completed, clean underwear and pajamas are put on. Bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are changed with support from the patient’s relatives.