Looking For Proper Health Services For Your Loved Ones? You Are In The Right Place

The joy of passing on legacies, traditions, and memories of bygone years comes with long life expectancy. We aspire to provide services for older adults to celebrate the gratitude of aging and maintain an active lifestyle. You want to provide the best care service when looking to take care of a beloved relative. Making the [...]

IMA VIP Assıstance Services

What is Outpatient Attendant Service? Operated by International Medical Assistance, IMA Patient Attendant Services is a special assistance service established to facilitate non-medical services in all treatment processes such as welcome, farewell, transfer, appointment and examination accompaniment at Ankara City Hospital and works with a boutique service approach. Where Can I Benefit From Outpatient Attendant […]

Agıng and The Need for Care

During the archaeological excavations carried out in the ancient city of “Anaia” in Aydın’s Kuşadası district, many tombs were found and human remains were examined in order to provide information about the living conditions of that period. As a result of the examinations, it has been found that the average life expectancy of the people […]

Wısh Youth Would Always Last…

For those who can’t take care of themselves, we need a person. This is called caregiver, attendant if the person is sick; if the child is a child developer, play sister/brother, caregiver; the elderly can take the names of the caregivers. So how about abroad? If you are in a hospital in the west, a […]

You are not Alone in Care for Alzheımer Patıent…

There will always be positive or negative surprises that we all will encounter in life and areas where life tests us. No one knows when we may enter an obstacle or a winding road. That’s why life is short and full of surprises, happiness and sickness. Our joy of life determines our stance as much […]

Why Do We Need Professıonal Carers?

Aging is a fact of life that we cannot ignore, but it is not resigning to our destiny, but enjoying the new phase of life with new opportunities and experiences. Aging is a natural and accepted part of life. In this journey, like other elements that define our existence, we should be able to use […]