Patıent Attendant Servıces

We are the Attendant of the City...

Our patient attendants consist of trained people who care for the elderly, disabled or people with chronic diseases. Our staff receive certified training as well as on-the-job training to increase their job-related skills and knowledge.

The concept of caregiver is a broad term for all patients who are unable to care for themselves, including caring for and assisting the elderly. Our attendants stay with the patient for 12 and 24 hours during all non-medical processes in the hospital or at home.

We are at your side for your patients with COVID-19 at Home or Hospital Accompanying Services…

Patient Attendant Officer
Job Responsibilities

  • Receiving vital signs and transmitting them to the patient’s doctor
  • Assisting in the transportation of the patient and supporting the patient in line with their needs
  • Assisting the patient with daily life tasks such as bathing and dressing
  • Providing support to patients who need assistance to walk or stand
  • Communicating the patient’s medical and non-medical needs to effective channels
  • Ensuring that the patient’s nutrition and dietary needs are met
  • Assisting the patient in the case of patients using medical devices and in using the equipment as needed
  • Supervision of the timely use of the patient’s medication
  • Assisting in repositioning the patient to prevent bedsores
  • Informing the relatives of the patient about the unusual situation

What Do Our Patient Attendants
Pay Attention To?

  • Our attendants are trained in medical terminology. They are extremely attentive to the understanding of medical terminology, diseases and procedures in the care of the patient.
  • Our patient attendants are aware of basic first aid and CPR procedure
  • Our attendants receive the necessary awareness training to have an empathetic approach. They show a personal interest in the patient’s health and well-being.
  • Our patient attendants always give priority to the needs of the patient.
  • They can work independently without supervision. They also adapt the control mechanism.

How Can We Help?

  • The elderly and the sick always prefer to recover in the intimate setting of a home rather than a sterile hospital. We provide quality patient attendant care to our patients, whether in the hospital or at home.
  • Our well-trained and completely reliable attendant will visit your home and provide full assistance to the patient or elderly as needed. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective home patient care, you can contact us.
  • Along with male attendants, we provide female attendants for patients.

Free Ambulance Service for Accompanying Services Over 10 Days

  • In the accompanying services of our accompanying patients for more than 10 days, we provide the transportation service of the patient from the hospital bed to the home bed free of charge through our contracted institutions.

Our Attendant Services with the Patients
Who Have COVID-19

  • IMA Patient Attendant Services is the best home and hospital patient Attendant company in Ankara. You can get your patient escort services from us safely at home or in the hospital.
  • Your patients who have mobility problems or who are in the post-traumatic process after an operation can benefit from our support services.
  • Persons discharged from the hospital after treatment for COVID-19 can apply to home attendant services for the continuity of medical care. These non-medical support services are provided through IMA’s experienced patient care professionals.
  • Our 24-hour attendant services continue uninterruptedly for your patients hospitalized in the COVID-19 Clinic at the hospital.

What is the Newborn Baby and Mother Attendant Care Program?

  • Pregnancy care consists of three parts: during pregnancy and postpartum care. Postnatal care is just as important as prenatal care. In fact, postpartum is a difficult time and the new mother requires a lot of care, guidance and attention for the proper recovery and health of both mother and child. For the new mother, giving birth can be both an emotional and stressful time. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the first 24 hours after birth are very critical for both the baby and the mother, and appropriate care and attention should be given to the new mother and baby during this period.
  • IMA Patient Support Services offers a carefully designed accompanying program to your service. It is our postnatal attendant care program that takes the workload and potential worries away from new parents through this program. Parenting is an overwhelming experience and couples during this critical period sometimes have to take care of the baby on their own in today’s world where they are forced to live away from their families or have no support from their families. This means a lot of work and stress for new parents, which is critical for both baby and mom, especially in the first few months.
  • Under this program, IMA assigns a trained attendant to assist the mother with newborn care and also provides postnatal care to the mother.

What is Trained Attendant Service at Home and Hospital?

  • The Attendant who is with your patient at home or in the hospital provides holistic support at home. Our Patient Attendant also take care of the daily activities of a person in need. They assist with personal care, movement, nutrition, gentle cleaning and are also trained to monitor overall health by regularly measuring key vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure